Fault Milestone Plaque

Where do I even begin… this is actually long overdue.
I made this plaque back in September 2015 around when milestone two was released. This was a final project for my CNC course in college. I had to design, program, and operate a CNC machine to cut a piece of aluminum in a way that showcased what we learned. It got hectic the months after this, with graduating and looking for jobs, I keep putting off posting pictures of this.

After seeing the latest post on patron about the legacy version, I decided to kick my butt into gear and get this done. I dug out all the pictures and vids I took previously and also took some new ones today. I hope you enjoy.

The longest process I would say would be vectoring all the designs from the limited sources I had for the engraving. I Had to also simplify the vibaelia badge design so that it wouldn’t take too long to cut. It wasn’t till doing this that I realized the design looked like a bird. Also had I known ahead of time, that the shape of the vibaelia badge from milestone two had a different shape, I might have went with that look.

short vids of the design process.

An early stage of the cutting process. I should have recorded more of the cutting process but this was the only vid I have of this.

The result after the first process.

Engraving Time!

Front side done.

A closeup of the engraving.

This is basically all the process of the part without going into detail. I have no idea if this is interesting to other people but I felt like sharing some of it anyways.

The rest of this are pictures I took today to see if I could display it better and play around with it.

The size of this plaque is actually very small. The stock aluminum piece is 4inch wide 4inch tall and 1inch thick.

The lighting I toyed around with was just a cheap tracing lightbox.

It snowed just recently again (yes it’s April yes I live in Canada) so I wanted to see what it looked like in the snow.

This one turned out surprisingly well.

This is the last picture. Sorry if the quality is weird. I am using my phone camera (galaxy s4). Not the best but it’s all I have.

One day if I have the time and resources, I hope to make a prop replica of the transceiver from Fault. (not with CNC but general DIY materials)
But for now I’ll be busy rushing an anime cosplay that’s due in less than 2 months for a convention. x_x

Thanks for reading this far =)
Have fun in whatever you do and don’t procrastinate like me. xD



Time for MAIDS!

OK! Time to get rid of my 6 tickets first.

uhh.. didn’t I just get these a second ago…

Really? No luck for me? ;_;

Well at this point I can’t expec-

Insert one of this in the continuing 2 draws (as I am a bad blogger by forgetting to take screenshots in my excitement from my UR Rin card)

That’s all the love gems I have left to use =/
Coupon Time!

And that’s it.
I wish I could have gotten more Maids (namely Maki maid) but at least I got the UR =3

[My total maid employment this event]

Fault VN start menu gif

For those that don’t know, Fault Milestone One is a kinetic visual novel (a VN without choices / more like a novel than a game).
I have been a huge fan of its creator “Alice in Dissonance” ever since their kickstarter. Long story short, I recently showed them a gif of a start menu I customized with their game logo some time ago, and they thought it was cool enough to post it on their official twitter (with my permission of course).

As a fan, seeing this makes me proud of myself.

19 Tickets

So I have been saving up tickets for the china-dress and maid uniform draws, but my impatient self couldn’t wait until then…
(It was hard enough to save up 19 and not touch them ಠ_ಠ) <– I didn’t have much money to spare so this was my strategic-ish plan.

My saved up 19 Tickets and the friend points I would be using to level them up with.


End Results: 15 Rares and 4 SR

only 2 were actually from this event =/

……. I got greedy and pushed my luck further

OTL *cries* my obligatory SR just had to be my event SR that I already had idolized and skilled up once before.

I’m still determined to get more of the mermaid cards, maybe I’ll try another day…