Time for MAIDS!

OK! Time to get rid of my 6 tickets first.

uhh.. didn’t I just get these a second ago…

Really? No luck for me? ;_;

Well at this point I can’t expec-

Insert one of this in the continuing 2 draws (as I am a bad blogger by forgetting to take screenshots in my excitement from my UR Rin card)

That’s all the love gems I have left to use =/
Coupon Time!

And that’s it.
I wish I could have gotten more Maids (namely Maki maid) but at least I got the UR =3

[My total maid employment this event]


School Idol Tomodachi

I’ve finally made an account on School Idol Tomodachi!
Feel free to check it out here http://schoolido.lu/user/Kuroshi/
(I’ll probably verify my EN account after this event)


Off topic:

Symphogear GX does not dissapoint!
I can’t wait for all the new songs that will come from this season 😀

19 Tickets

So I have been saving up tickets for the china-dress and maid uniform draws, but my impatient self couldn’t wait until then…
(It was hard enough to save up 19 and not touch them ಠ_ಠ) <– I didn’t have much money to spare so this was my strategic-ish plan.

My saved up 19 Tickets and the friend points I would be using to level them up with.


End Results: 15 Rares and 4 SR

only 2 were actually from this event =/

……. I got greedy and pushed my luck further

OTL *cries* my obligatory SR just had to be my event SR that I already had idolized and skilled up once before.

I’m still determined to get more of the mermaid cards, maybe I’ll try another day…